SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Success Plan


To make your website easily find able over the web.
To increase the visibility.
To get more traffic(visitors) to the website.
To Scale up the number of footfall.
To Improve sign-ups to your newsletter.
To Generate Leads to Business.
To Generate Mobile App Installs.
To Brand Awareness.


         Search engine optimization and positioning is challenging at best. It’s not a simple matter of  adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. It is an art and science because it is  applying creative techniques to an in-depth study of the search engines and directories. We are  committed to meeting SEO needs of your website and proposes a campaign plan. Our goal will  be to meet your SEO Outsourcing needs thoroughly and professionally. 

SEO Program Specification:

Our SEO Program is designed to address search engine algorithms of all main search engines. The scope of the SEO program is customized according to the needs of the website, the target audience it addresses and the online competition associated with it.

The SEO process is divided into the following  5 stages:
         Stage1 - Evaluation & Planning
         Stage2  - Execution
         Stage3  - SEO Implementation
         Stage4  - Off page Optimization
         Stage5  - Monitoring

STAGE 1 Evaluation & Planning Phase:

•Current site stats recording(link popularity, PR etc.)
•Search Engine Friendliness Analysis.
•Keyword Research
•Keyword Finalization (based on your selection)
•Pre-optimization Search Engine Recording
•Content writing recommendations.
•Site analysis
•Competitor Analysis
•Current Issues with Website
•Title Tags Optimization
•Meta Tags Optimization
•Heading Tags Optimization
•Image Optimization
Sitemap Creation.
Robot.txt Creation.
Internal link implementation.
Solving Mobile page Loading Speed.
Solving Desktop Page Loading Speed.
URL Re naming.
301 Redirection.
Custom 404 page.
Bolds, Italics.
Canonical tag Implementation.
Keyword Density Checking.
Site Navigation structure.
Text/Html Ratio.
Landing Page Suggestions.
Social Media plugins Implementation.
Google Webmaster Tools Setup.

STAGE 2 Execution Phase:

Optimization data creation ( to be used later in SEO Implementation)
SEO rule recommendation
Note: The Optimization data creation will contain complete details of the on page optimization that is to be carried out on the webpages short listed for SEO.

     STAGE 4  - Off page Optimization

•100 Major Directory Submissions
•5 Article Writing & Submissions
•1 Press Release Writing & Submissions
•1 PDF Document Creation & Submission
•200 classified ads submission
•25 Web 2.0 Properties Links
•5 Blog Posting
•20 Blog Commenting
•2 Blog Writing
•10 Forum Submissions
•30 Profile Link Building
•50 Social Bookmarking
•Search engine submissions
•10 Deep linking Submissions
STAGE 5 SEO Monitoring
•Rank Monitoring
•Traffic report analysis
Further on page recommendations
When can you see Rankings?
        Organic or natural Search Engine rankings are achieved due to a combination of both on page optimization(SEO) and Off page Optimization(Link Building). Realistically, you can expect to see results for some keywords starting 4-6 weeks after the final submission. Ranking usually stabilize after about three months after the implementation phase. However, your traffic rises continuously since more and more search engines index more and more optimized pages of your website. 

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