User’s Guide for All in One SEO Pack 2-Part

Title Settings

Title settings allow you to set the default title templates for every page generated by WordPress. This could be a single post, main page, archives, tags, or category pages.

Each page generated by WordPress has a <title> set with in your WordPress theme files. The first option, rewrite titles, allows All in One SEO Pack to rewrite titles. It is enabled by default to override any theme settings.
We recommend that you leave this setting as is because we believe that themes should not add SEO options.
You can also modify how titles for your single, archive, and other pages appear by changing the predefined tags used for different page titles.
We would recommend leaving them as it is for optimal results. if you are creating a lot of landing pages, then the only thing you should change is your page title format. Get rid of | %blog_title% part from page title format, so your site title is not taking up your 60 character limit, and your entire page title shows up in search.

Custom Post Type Settings

Under custom post type settings, you can enable All in One SEO plugin for anycustom post types used on your site.For example, if you are using WooCommerce then your products are a custom post types and they will be shown here. You can enable the SEO options for products.
Not all post types will need Advanced SEO settings. For example, if you are usingEnvira Gallery plugin, then your galleries will appear here as a custom post type titled ‘Envira Galleries’. Since galleries are usually added into WordPress posts and pages, you don’t need to have advanced SEO option for them.
However if you’re using Envira’s standalone gallery addon to create standalone galleries, then yes you should enable SEO for that custom post type.

Display Settings

Display settings will allow you to show post’s SEO title and description on posts screen. It is enabled by default and you can leave this setting as it is.

Webmaster Verification

This is where you will add webmaster verification code provided by Google, Bing or Pinterest to verify ownership of your website.We highly recommend that you sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools because it will help your SEO. Connecting your site will help these search engines to notify you when there is something wrong with your website.
These webmaster tools will also provide you with useful insights about your site, and your search engine rankings. You can then use that information to plan your content strategy and improve your site’s SEO.
If you use Pinterest to bring traffic to your WordPress site, then verifying your site with Pinterest will allow you to use Pinterest Analytics.

Google Settings

Under the Google settings section, you can enter your Google Plus profile URL to add google verified authorship. Once you add the link there, you must go to your Google+ profile about page and add your site in the contributors section. Refer to the authorship tutorial that we linked above.
Even though Google has discontinued using author profiles in search results, some SEO folks believe that having it is harmless if not useful.You can also add your Google Analytics ID for your website, and All in One SEO will automatically add your Google Analytics code to your site.

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