Robots.txt, Meta Tag and More Blogspot Advanced SEO Tips

Halo folks, in this session let's look at some of the important advance SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogger. Blogspot is a free blogging platform and anyone can easily create blog from here. Despite the huge number of folks using blogspot still most of them do not know how to optimize their blog SEO ( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION). SEO for Blogspot is done manually unlike wordpress which has more plugins.

How to Enable BlogSpot Advanced SEO settings?

Login to your Blogger dashboard and under settings > search preference you will find all the new SEO options which are added by Blogger team. You have to enable all the settings one by one, and my suggestion is to read this guide seriously else a wrong settings (BlogSpot Robots.txt), may lead to complete de-indexing of your blog.

Am not scaring  you, but all you need to know is it’s time to get serious as Google wants to take SEO very seriously.

Here are new SEO features you can start with

  • Description meta tag:
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Custom Robots header tags
  • No follow tag, open link in new tab
Lets get into World of BlogSpot Search preference settings:

1. Description Meta Tag

Lets, look into all the feature one by one and my suggestion implement it on your blog for better search engine optimization of your Blogger blog.

This is where you will be explaining what your blog is about. An informative description within 150 character will help readers to understand about your blog and will help you to get more click from search engine. Also, from SEO perspective, I would suggest you to use your main keyword here in BlogSpot meta tags description.
For example: 

blogassistz is a Blogging tutor for Bloggers and Internet marketers to learn about tricks of Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, SEO and how to make money online.

Make sure you explain about your blog within 150 characters, as search engine ignore characters after 150. Once you enable this feature and added meta tags after search engine bot recrawls your site, search engine will show your meta description like this in search engine:

           2. Robots.txt for BlogSpot:

This is one part of new BlogSpot SEO setup, which I want you to use it carefully. A wrong, settings may lead to deindexing of a big part of your site. A Robots.txt file is used to stop search engine bots from crawling the “Not so important” part of your blog. For example, Search pages, archive pages and so on.

Go to blogger dashboard >>Select your Blog>> Setting>> Searching Preference>> Custom robot.txt and paste below text.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: http:/

Note: Change with yours

3. Custom robots header tags:

One much needed feature for SEO of your BlogSpot blog, though it looks like little confusing but this guide from Google will again try to explain everything in simple words.
Here is an image, which explains all the directives under Blogger custom Robots header tag:

Robots meta tag and description is also available on single post, which makes it more search engine friendly. Specially, I liked the idea of Unavailable_after directive, which will help you to automatically deindex news post which usually expires after some time.

4. Nofollow/Open in new tab:

Well, my suggestion for every BlogSpot blogger is to get a custom domain and enjoy the power of new BlogSpot SEO and drive more traffic to your blog post. If you have any query regarding above Blogger new search preference option, ask via comment. 

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