Top 10 Best & Most Popular Google Chrome SEO Extensions

SEO workers need many tools, extensions and browser add-ons to analyze their work and their site performances. Today I am going to share the most popular Google Chrome SEO extensions for all SEO experts. These tools are totally free. You can add one of this in your browser to make your life a little bit easier and simply know the way out to work with SEO.

We all know that, the world’s most popular web browser is Google Chrome. In the internet store, you will find thousands of themes, extensions and available apps for Google Chrome giving a popularity day by day.

Google Chrome contains the best qualities against all other web browsers. Web developers, SEO workers even regular users consider that, Google Chrome is the best for its features.

If you are an expert on Search Engine Optimization, then I am sure you feel more comfortable by using Google Chrome than any other web browser. The following are 10 best desire SEO extension you can choose to use.

World’s most popular SEO extension for web browsers is SEOquake. Most of the SEO worker use it to their web browser to get an instant SEO analysis report on their web page. SEOquake performs ideal for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera web browser, and Safari.

It provides a short report on website’s Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Number of pages indexed by Google and Bing. It also provides the total number of your Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Google + one.

It also provides you a complete SEMrush website overview report where you will be able to check Meta Keywords, Descriptions, Keyword Density, Internal or External links and the total number of Backlinks for your site. SEOquake will give you the opportunity to get a clear idea about your competitors too. You will be able to enjoy SEOquake’s full feature for free.

This is one of the favorite SEO extension for thousands of professionals. Mozbar SEO extension analyzes almost every important SEO matrix. This works with Google Chrome smoothly. Among a lot of features, Moz bar will show you Page and domain authority, Social likes, social profiles, page rank, Alexa rank, keywords and much more. I personally love this SEO extension because of its attractive features.

This is the most popular Chrome SEO Extension. You will find some similarity in this extension with SEOquake. It also provides the report on how many pages are get indexed in google, yahoo, and bing.
You will get a report on domain detail by using this extension. Additionally, you will get the social media report, traffic report, and backlink report. The most attractive feature of this extension is you will be able to see a PPC/Organic Search report here.

WooRank is another most popular SEO extension for Google Chrome. This will analyze your website SEO health completely. You will get a complete report of a page within very short time by using this extension. WooRank will analyze and calculate a total SEO score for a web page. I am very sure that if you use this extension, you will not be disappointed.

As like its name, web developer SEO extension will work for you as a web developer. This is very powerful browser extension supports Firefox and Chrome. If you are a web developer, this extension will help and support you a lot.

As a web developer, you will get here all the supporting tools you need. It will allow you to view CSS of a web page. You will find broken images, alt attributes, various object information, page sources and much more.

I really love this chrome extension.It also supports Firefox, Opera, and Safari. We all know that do follow backlinks could give us a great SEO result. For backlink creators, it is vital to understand that which web pages is NoFollow and which One is DoFollow.
This extension will help you to find Nofollow links of a web page or blog page by using a red line

Social media and Social sharing are equally important for SEO. Social sharing provides high-quality backlinks and thousands of quality visitor. This extension makes social sharing very easy for you like one-click sharing.

This extension will allow you to add your favorite social sharing and social bookmarking sites for one-click sharing which will save your time and will also let you gain more popularity for your online and local business.

This Chrome extension will help you to understand the user interaction of your web pages. By using this, you will be able to make your web pages more user-friendly. This extension will let you know about user activity on your site.

I have already told you about the importance of page speed for SEO. This SEO extension will help you to measure your web page speed and performance. SEO speed script provides this extension. Thousands of web developer and SEO experts are using this tool for analyzing web page speed.

Metadata is important for a web page. Because bots are controlled by the metadata of a web page. This extension will analyze Metadata of your web pages and show you the result. You will be known about any important missing Meta of your site by using this.

These are the most popular and quality SEO extension for Google Chrome. Hope you will get more comfort on doing your SEO tasks with these extensions. For any assistance be contact me through comment box below.

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