What is a Reciprocal Link and How it is used

Do you have a website or a blog and you want to submit to a directory?. As matter of fact there are hundreds of directories out there but with common competition of internet marketing and not all of them are free. The most effective directory are the one with premium features guaranteeing the best results of you blog listing.

But of course as I mentioned earlier we also have the ones that provide both free and premium listings and other providing total free listing with exchange url needed to link the both sites. That's why when feeling that listing form you end being ask for a reciprocal link.

So, What A Reciprocal Link?

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites. For example, if website A links to website B, then website B can add a reciprocal link back to website A. The result of a reciprocal link is two websites that link to each each other.

These links are typically created purpose of:-

  • To establish a partnership between two websites
  • To boost search engine ranking. 

How it is used

Reciprocal link can be used establish an online partnership by providing exchange links on their websites. It is also used to boost search engine ranking. Since search engine ranking algorithms factor in the number of incoming links, or "inlinks," a website has, reciprocal links can help increase a website's search engine ranking. However, since search engines also factor in the quality of each site providing an incoming link, not all reciprocal links are beneficial.


It is important to note that a reciprocal link may link to any page within a website, not just the page that contains the link back to the site.

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