Keywords are the main pillar in SEO

Keywords are the main pillar in SEO
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Keywords: Keywords are the first place to start in any Search Engine Optimization or website marketing campaign. If you’re not sure which keywords are being typed into the search bar by people that you want to have visited your Web site, and then you can’t expect to market through the search engines to those people.

The term keyword is also used as a short version of keyword phrase.  When we use the term keyword, it means the word, or words, that are typed into a search engine by someone looking for a specific item and carrying out a search for that item.

The fact is that almost all searches done now are not just single word searches; most people using the search engines now type more detailed words into their searches.

This is the main reason why you should know the keyword phrases that people use when searching for specific products or services like the ones that are promoted on your Web site.

Also consider this…

• Without knowing your keywords, you can’t optimize your Web site properly.

• Without knowing your keywords, you won’t know which keywords to put in links pointing to your site.

• Without knowing your keywords, you won’t know which keywords to bid on in Pay per Click programs.

So, what happens if all you do is to guess at the keyword phrase you need without doing some in-depth keyword research? Basically, you will encounter a couple of problems.

• Some if not all of the keywords on your list will be more or less irrelevant, meaning people simply are not using them in when they do their searches.

• You’ll be missing those keywords that people are typing into the search bar for your specific products or services.

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