Top 10 SEO Tips For Bloggers in 2017

SEO Tips For Bloggers in 2017

I know you have been searching for SEO tips either for last few years or maybe for few months or it might be you’ve just started searching for SEO tips few days ago. You have found a lot of websites, articles, videos and much more on this topic. You might be confused on many points, or you maybe satisfied with all those tips which you found recently on different platforms. However, I’m also a guy like you who spent 3 precious years for searching about SEO and after searching I researched a lot. While I got most of the knowledge by implementing different tips by myself on some of my websites and blogs and then found some techniques which fortunately worked for me and were also suggested by the big giant Google. Therefore, I was forced by my brains to publish an article on this topic and share my top ten SEO tips with you guys.
Here I’m with my top ten tips of search engine optimization which could be useful for you or might be already in your mind. But I assume you are a newbie or somehow a little bit experienced blogger in the market. These tips were implemented by myself previously and mostly worked. Now without taking your more precious time I’m gonna starting my tips. These tips will be containing both off-page and on-page elements.
Tip #1. Topic Selection
The topic you want to create a website for is the most important part which should be selected carefully before starting a blog or website. A specific topic is always the best instead of multiple topics at once. For example; you want to create a website on Hollywood but you are a fan of Justin Bieber and you have deep knowledge about him, so you should start a blog/site only on Justin Bieber instead of Hollywood, because you can concentrate more on your work and can work greatly and peacefully. The more potential is in a single niche instead of combining multiple niches.
Tip #2. Domain Name Selection
The domain name is another important part before starting a blog, this part should also be carefully done, because after getting a bad domain name you can’t change it easily. Choose a domain name which is easy to remember and having your topic’s main keyword in it. If domain is .com, .net, .org etc that doesn’t matter but the important thing is its name.
Tip #3. Create Content Before Starting Website
What will you be optimizing? yeah, before starting your website you must have enough content to publish on your website and after that optimize them by using SEO. You should be writing at least 30 articles and should collecting or producing original images for your website, if you can also make videos then it is great thing. So the ready & original content is always 50% optimized by default.
Tip #4. Make the Design User Friendly
Whether it is a human visitor or a search robot, both are annoyed by a site which has a bad navigation. So make sure your site is easily accessible by both human visitors and search spiders. Keep everything of your design clean and fresh. Don’t use too much fancy stuff. Avoid using heavy JavaScript plugins and Flash scripts. Instead style up your blog with CSS3 to reduce the loading time.
Tip #5. Optimize the Titles of your Posts
Your blog title is something that represents your whole blog, but if you want to be indexed for each of your blog’s pages and posts then must consider optimizing every post title that you write. If you want to write a post about ‘how to increase blog traffic’ then first use a keyword tool such as Google Adword Tool or similar and find out which keyword is mostly searched for that term, when you got some ideas then write the accurate and awesome title for your post. The title attracts the robots at first impression. Don’t write too long titles, instead use 40 to 50 characters, but beautifully.
Tip #6. Must Write Descriptions
You must write description of 150 characters for your blog’s home page as well as each post you write on your blog. This is actually the summary of your post in few words which is included by search engines when they display your website to surfers while searching. So the better your description is; the better chances of getting more traffic towards your content will be.
Tip #7. Focus on the 1st Paragraph
The first paragraph of your post/article is something which is very very important in the eyes of search engines. Especially the first 20 to 30 words are really targeted, so you should insert your post’s main keyword in the first 20 or 30 words, mostly search robots takes the first paragraph or first 20 words as snippet and include this in the results displayed to the users. Keep this in mind.
Tip #8. Internal Links
This is something I was unaware of; but when I started including interlinks inside my articles, I was amazed having seen the dramatic changes in SERP. Many of my older pages which I interlinked in my new articles were getting top position in search ranking. So whenever you write a new post for your blog, search your older posts and if you found some words in your new post which are relevant to your older posts then make them links. For example you have already published some articles on the same topic which you’ve just written, so there may be many words relating to the older posts. So use these words as anchor texts and link them with older posts. You can see the live example of this by observing this post where I’ve interlinked many older posts. This technique actually help your older posts which are crawled again by Search engines.
Tip #9. Sitemaps are Must!
Whether you use WordPress or Blogger for your blogging needs, but submitting sitemap to both Google and Bing is must. Your sitemap actually sends your site’s A to Z data to search engines and they index all pages within your site. You can easily submit your sitemap to both Bing & Google.
Tip # 10. Social Media Matters!
Do you know the world has become social Media!, now every second person of the world is either using Facebook or Twitter. So you need to be popular and active on social media in order to get more visitors to your site/blog. Now social media activities really matter to your blog. The Google+Plus is something which can boost your ranking dramatically. Always share your new content on your all social profiles especially on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Also, force your readers/visitors to like/share your content on Facebook and Google+. The more likes/shares you have, the more SEO friendly your site will be.
Bonus Tip:
Do you know video blogging can change your blogging style. Yes, Video has more potentials than images and text content. So if you can make videos for your blog then you’d always be given extra advantages by search engines. Videos attract search engines to index the entire page.
Do Remember:
SEO is not something which get results back withing hours or days, it is something you need to wait for months, so patience is must in order to get the best results after implementing the tips mentioned in this post. At least wait for 3 months to fully convince search engines and after see the results. Also try to update your blog/site every day up to 3 months.

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