6 Tips To Avoid And Prevent Your Blogger Blog To Be Closed

When a blogger account is deleted or shut down by google it self then there something on the background you did and needs somechecking.Actually, you will be notify through your email address, whenever they delete your blogger blog. And the deletion of your blog is because you mostly did not follow their TOS and Policy.

In starting, your blog does not get much traffic from anywhere. So the blogger team won't have any complaints or notice about your blog in the beginning. But when you start driving more traffic from search engines or from social media or anywhere, then many of people will see your blog. If they notice, you are not using blogger platform legally, then they will complain about your blog to Google. The Blogger team then manually check your blog and if they find you are misusing blogger platform, then they will delete your blog. You will only have few chances to get it back again. Sometimes blogs are automatically deleted for spamming reason too whereby automation technique like bots (Googlebot) are used.  Below are six things to avoid and prevent your blogger blog to be deleted.

#1. Avoid creating too many blogs

This can be a serious problem really, if you did any mistake by chance and your blog is deleted, then probably you gonna think of creating a new one in the same. well I could suggest you create another Google account with real name and profile and start blogging seriously. In short, if you’re many of the blogs, deleted automatically, and does not recovered yet, then you should stop to creating another blog on the same account.

#2. Avoid redirecting your blogger blog

Many of advertising ads and some JavaScript code, redirect your blogger blog to another URL like doorway pages or affiliate programming offers. Use Fetch as Google option from Google Webmaster Tools to check your blog redirection. If it is redirected, then Googlebot, surely inform your blog to the Blogger platform, and your blog will be shut down.

#3. Avoid using spam links in the blog post

Keep a constrain use of nofollow attribute, many people mention links in their post without using the nofollow attributes. If you are not using nofollow attributes then Google will crawl that page and if they notice a mentioned paid links or spam links in your post then you are the hopes of you blog to be deleted.

4. Avoid the use of third party ads in sidebar

Well getting AdSense account can be a lot of waiting and toughness but you know blogger is part of google as well as adsense and to make more interesting blogger account is totally free to use. So I think they won't easily allow you to use their product with another third party product. Anyways they got everything you need also keep in mind avoid the use of third party ads, which display abuse ads, and gives poor user experience in your blog.

#5. Hate speech in your blog post content, not allowed

We currently have freedom of speech in majority of countries now and to talk freely in cyberspace is like a go ahead deal. But did you know Google blogger won’t give you that freedom. So whenever you post any articles it should be user friendly.

#6. Avoid using Copyright content in your blog post

Many of bloggers directly embed images, videos and files (cracked software+hacked content) in their post without checking its license first. Some other copy paste articles in their post. You won't be penalized immediately but as soon as you start driving more and more traffic to your blog, your chances of deletion will increase.

Well am done explaining but if you need more support just use the comment below I will glad to get back at you. Keep in mind the six thing I have mentioned and be safe with happy blogging.

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