TO 10 Best Websites to Learn SEO Online for Free

As everybody’s saying, Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of any online business these days, and I’m 100% agree with all, who say this. SEO has become the popular free marketing tool for everyone. Whether you are an individual or a company and you have a website/blog online, you must want to optimize or market your brand , and thus search engine optimization comes into being, you first need to use SEO as a top marketing tool which is a long term success for your business  because by using SEO you can get the real (Organic) customers and users, who actually go on the way and search for your product using different search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. And these days, everyone (including me) wants to become an individual optimizer or expert in this field, so having that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of resources which are available online to you  for learning this technology very easily with each and every aspect. This list will be containing the top ranking and well-known websites which without doubts provide essential and complete tutorials/articles on search engine optimization. So having them in your list, I hopefully can say you’ll learn a lot.
Top 10 websites to learn SEO
These top websites provide you essential step to step guidance to SEO, and have great tools for getting ideas, also there are hundreds of professional SEO experts who also write for these websites as guest authors. So you can say a whole world of real SEO’s is waiting for you. Now let’s have a look at each website in the list.
The first website which comes with a lot of resources about Search Engine optimization and have a team of writers and optimizers  This website has a blog where you can find recent articles on different components of SEO. However, this website also provides you online training sessions. You can find each and everything from history to advancement about search engine optimization on
This is the second most popular website specifically about search engine optimization, where you can read a lot about SEO, this website provides free resources and daily tips for freely optimizing your websites. You’ll find every big name there who is famous for SEO.
SearchEngineLand publishes interesting updates and latest tutorials on SEO and there are hundreds of writers who only speaks about marketing strategies and search engine optimization in detail. You can get all the knowledge and information you need about SEO.
This website is really an SEO BOOK, just count the pages one by one and learn things easily. This website is the collection of tools, resources, freebies, articles and tutorials on SEO. Also you can get online training from Must visit it for learning search engine optimization deeply.
This is an Seo watching engine in real, the website provides you thousands of free tutorials and articles on search engine optimization and have a great look at new updates from Google. It focuses on every aspect of SEO and you can read tips to clear your doubts on all SEO components.
What a site this guy has created, without doubt a great website for learning search engine optimization free of cost. Must give it a try, everything is waiting there for you.
This blog is managed by a young boy”Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai” who is a student of university, but he has done a tremendous job by providing real SEO tips on his blog, and he has been updating his readers with tons of free tricks and tips on search engine optimization. You can measure his efficiency in SEO by observing his blog’s ranking. This blog particularly provides SEO tips for blogs.
This blog is managed by a young entrepreneur “Harsh Agarwal” who is an Indian based blogger, this blog also provides great resources and latest updates about search engine optimization. You can get all the info you need about SEO by visiting the seo section on This blog can also be visited for getting specific SEO tips for WordPress blogs.
This is the official blog of Google Webmaster tools, so by visiting this blog you can update yourself with latest Google’s updates, announcements for webmasters and new changes in Google algorithms such as Panda and Penguin. You should subscribe to this blog and visit it most often for getting news directly from Google.
This is another great website for learning search engine optimization and especially for keeping eye on latest Google updates such as Panda & Penguin. This blog tells you about what going on inside Google, and Matt Cuts (a Google Engineer) always gets placement in this site. So make sure you visit it and include in your list for leaning SEO.

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