Simple and effective ways to increase traffic to your blog or website.

One of the most important task in creating your site is promoting your site to reach more and more peoples. As your blog is nothing without visitors so it is crucial to promote your blog.
Without any effort it is not possible to get organic traffic. Here are simple but effective tricks to increase your blog Traffic.

But remember only promoting will not work.There are two ways to increase traffic to your blog.
A. Promoting your blog which i have discussed in this article and
B. Search engine optimization- This will help to rank your blog at top of search so that people can visit easily. this is somewhat tricky but not absolutely difficult. click HERE to Know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before going to ways to increase traffic of your blog just go through below 

Some of the important tips that will help you to attract visitors.

1. Focus on your content and do not just copy and paste from anywhere. Your content should helpful for the readers.

2. Do not write big paragraphs like an essay. Try to put your content in specific fashion that will help readers to find exactly what they want. And also what you want to show them.

3. Add some pictures and videos(if possible) inside your posts that will relate your content.

4. Put important links and buttons on your home screen or in your blog menu for easy navigation.

5. Categories your posts also add labels to your posts.

6. Make your blog to look professional without extra decoration.

7. Develop your own writing and presentation styles.

8. Use easy and effective language.

9. Add privacy policy, contact page to your blog.

10. Work on SEO of your blog or simply use targeted keywords and titles so that your blog will appear early in search results.

Ways to increase traffic to your blog:
How to increase traffic to your blog or how to attract visitors to your blog:

1. Through social media:

i) Facebook-

Facebook is great medium to promote your blog. Share links of your favorite posts publicly on facebook.
Also create a "facebook page" of your blog and invite peoples to like and follow your page. Put interesting facebook posts on regular basis. Facebook can boost your posts to reach maximum peoples by spending 1$.
Make use of facebook in any way you know to get traffic.

ii) make your blog presence on other social 
platforms like "twitter", "instagram" etc. Share good quality content that will attract people to like your account.

iii) whatsapp-
Another good platform to share links of your blogs individually as well as in whatsapp groups.

2. Make pom-plates showing advertisement of your blog and paste it in public places where it is permitted.

3. Ask your friends and relatives to promote your blog.

4. Add your blog to Google analytics- by adding your blog to Google's analytic program you can track the traffic source and work on that to improve your blogs traffic. Also you will git tips fir improvement.

5. Find similar popular blogs in your niche and ask the bloggers to have guest post to your blog.

6. Join the forums and give answers of questions related your posts also put back-links there so that people can visit your site. Backlinks are the links to your blog posst or pages on other websites.

7. Put watermark on every single downloadable thing on your blog.

8. If you are able to invest some money for promotion then you can google adwords or similar programs to advertise your blog on large scale.

Don't expect too much from day one. It will take some time to increase your blog position in search index. Keep writing valuable content and answer every possible comment. Build faith of visitors. One day your blog will be stable. If blogging is your hobby then visitors number will not affect your continuity and interest, just keep learning more strategies and do likewise.

Using these simple tricks can Increase traffic to your blog or website.

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