Adding Contact Form in Wordpress- Step by Step guide

If you have a Website then one of the important page in your site is "Contact us" page. Visitors should get easy way to contact with you. One of the oldest method to that is putting your email on website and ask visitors to mail you using that email if they need to contact. But it is not the best way because every time when someone tries to contact you should have to write an email giving all details. Why not we put a simple contact form on website which have a predefined fields and visitor just have to fill these filled and click Send button.
WordPress Plugins gives you awesome functionality to do this easily. If you have your wordpress site and want to put a simple but effective contact form on your website then this article is for you.
Here i will show you with pictures, how you can easily put a contact form on your site using plugins within a minuets.

There are many ways to do this task. But i will show you two most used and very effective plugins to add contact form in your wordpress blog or website.
Best and effective plugin to add contact form in your wordpress site are:
1. WP forms
2. Contact form 7

I will show you step by step how to add contact form using these plugins

Plugin #1:
Contact Form 7
This is widely used plugin over 1 Million+ installations. It is really easy to work with, Just go step by step to add contact form in your WordPress blog.

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins > Add New and search for plugin "Contact form 7" you will got this in result. Just click on "Install" and Then "Activate" This plugin.

2. You can See this plugin in dashboard as "contact". Click on this and then click on "Add new". A window will open where you can edit the contact form.

3. Enter the  name of form and below you can see the editing area. If you want to make some changes you can directly do by just changing the default texts by yours.

One done click on "save"

Now you will got a message To "copy the given shortcode and paste it where you want to display this form". Just copy this short code.

4. You can add this shortcode to any post, page of your site. So just paste this code where you want it to display.
You should consider to create new page with name like "Contact Us" and add this page to your menu. and paste the copied code in this page.

for example i add the vopied code to one of my page "Contact" (which i already added to my main menu) in the following way:

Here is how it looks on my blog:
You have finished with adding contact form in your WordPress blog.

Plugin #2:
WP Forms
This is the best plugin in my view. I personally use this plugin on my wordpress sites. It allow you to create forms with easy drag and drop form editor. WP forms also allow you to add extra coll features in your form with premium paid version. you can upgrade to premium at any time.
Here is simple method to add contact form in WordPress using WP forms Plugin:

1. Just like Contact form 7, Install plugin wp forms and activate it.

2. It will be shown in Dashboard as "WP Forms". Click on this and select add new.
It will take you to the drag and drop editor.

3. Enter the name for your form (i entered form in given pictures)  and select the type of form you want to build. There are three options
  • blank form
  • simple contact form
  • newsletter form
we will use "simple contact form" for our purpose so just click on that.

4. Now just drag required fields from left hand side and drop in right hand. Do some experiments and set up fields for your form. Once you done click on "save".

5. Once you saved your form press cross button to return to dashboard. You will see your form name with shortcode. Copy this shortcode to paste in any post or page you want.

6. Paste the shortcode in page where you want the form to be shown.

Below is picture of one of the form created by this plugin on my website:

In this way you can easily add Contact form in your wordpress blog or website.

For any query comment below or contact us.

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