Best ways to earn money with blogspot blog

Do you owns a Blogspot(Blogger) blog, and need help about how can you make money through your free blogger blog. Yes it is possible to make a income with free blogspot blog. Make peoples are earning with their blogger blog. There are multiple ways by which you can do this. In This article i have listed some of the "Best ways to earn money with blogspot blog".

How much can you earn with blogpot blog?

Thisis really not easy to answer in general. But i can give you brief idea which can provide you general estimate about earnings possible through free blogger blog. Actually it depends upon number of things and i will tell you how:
1. Your daily or monthly visitors-  this will affect your earnings in overall. naturally more traffic will bring you more money. Mainly if you are using Advertisement service to for earning then that will depend on Number of visitors.

2. your blog Niche- For some specific niche there is high demand, for example website or blogs based on Daily tips, Beauty and fashion, Health, Technology have large visitors base. But it is never meant that niche other than this will got very less traffic. Remember a good quality and Unique content is what matters the most.
The way Blog niche can affest earning also depend on methods of earning. For example Affiliate Marketing gives highest earning than any other if implemented properly But Affiliate marketing is not available for all niche, Webhosting company Like bluehost offers around 65$ when someone signup through your affiliate link, But a food blog cannot put cannot promote Webhosting company.

3. Method of earning- As i am going to discuss various methods to earn with blogger blog later. This also affect your earning. According to type of content you have to select a method or combination of methods. For example  A tech blog can use Advertisement plus Affiliate marketing plus own product marketing plus custom advertisements.

Which method is suitable for my blog?
You have to think on it. The best way is to implement methods which relevant to your topic. Generally more than one method are used in combination for best result. Online Advertisements is common method with this if your topic allow affiliate marketing the also go for it. If you got very large traffic you can ask peoples or companies directly to advertise with you.

Mehods to Earn with Blogger blog?
Actually this methods are not only for blogspot blog but can be applied to any website or blog. But we specifically discuss these method keeping Blogspot blog in mindd.

Method #1: Adsense
There are many online Advertisement companies but if you are using Blogger then Adsense is the best option. Just signup to adsense through your blog and once your website get reviewed from Adsense your earning starts. Adsense will put relevant ads on your website, When people visits to your site They watch these ads also click on that which will facilitate your earnings through Adsense.
This is the best and effective way to earn with blogger blog.
To Sign up for adsense follow this steps:
  1. Login to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.
  2. In left hand menu Go To "Earnings" you will see there option to signup with adsense to start earnings. Just click on that and follow the instructions to set up your adsense account.

Method #2: Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the great way top earn a passive income.
Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting products and services of other websites on your blog. And when visitors purchase or use any service through your blog ( Through your Affiliate Link) YOu got your commission.
The important thing in Affiliate marketing is Choosing best Affiliate service in accordance with your blog niche or topics. Don't promote things which are not related to your content. This will not work.
Better you choose products which suits your content. For example your blog gives reviews and information about Mobiles and Accessories Then you can sign up for affiliate programs of Top Ecommerce  sites such as Amazon, Ebay, flipkart, Snapdeal. And promote Mobile phones and Accessories This will make your visitors to believe and they can purchase through your links.

examples of Affiliate marketing Programs:
  1. Amazon
  2. shopcj
  3. Webhosting companies like bluehost, hostgator, Hosting
Nearly every services an d products listed online have their affiliate programs. Just visit the relevant site and see if they have such programs.

Method #3: Advertise your own products
If you have your own products to buy online, Then you can create your own content on that to promote your own products. Or you can use this method with combination of Others. You can also create your own products related to your niche and sell them through your site.
For example, Your blog gives reviews and tips on clothing and fashion then you can create your own designs printed T-Shirts or other fashion products and sell them through your website. Teespring and Mydreamstore are example of sites where you can create a campaign.

Method #4: Put "Advertise with us" page on your blog
Simply allow peoples and companies to directly contact to you to put advertisements on your blog. Actually this method is not meant for blogger blog. Because this requires lot of traffic to your blog, In other words your blog should have such a value that people wanted to advertise with you. But if you have moderate traffic then you can contact companies on your own to ask then if they are interested to advertise on your blog.

These are some "Ways to earn money with your blogspot blog".

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