How to create Submenu or dropdown menu in Wordpress.

So friends do you want to make a dropdown menu item at top of your Wordpress website or blog. A Dropdown menu items or submenu items stick to a Main item looks beautiful and also provide easy reach to your site content for visitors. Take a look at picture below showing a submenu in website.

So in this article i will show you step by step how you can create submenu in Wordpress.

Step #1:
Creating Pages and Posts tou want to add to submenu:
So first of all you need to create pages or posts you will use to add in submenu. Or you may use your existing pages and posts.
To add new posts- Go to Posts > New Post > Publish
To add new page- Go to > Pages > New Page > Publish
To show you i am Using 4 pages-
 one for main menu item (named as "Products") under which submenu items will come and
Other 4 Pages to put in submenu namely
1. Mobile and Accessories

2. Clothing and Fashion
3. Books
4. Consumer Electronics
you can see this in image below:

Step #2;
Creating Submenu in Wordpress:
Now once you decided which pages or posts are to be used then we can proceed.
1. Go to "Appearance" in left hand dashboard menu and select "Menus"

2. Select Menu you want to edit- You can create number of menu in Wordpress but you Got limited menu locations (2,3 or 4 depending upon theme). here i already Created menu With name "Main Menu" which is assigned the primary (appear at top of website) location as you can see in image.

If you did not have menu created yet, You can do so by clicking on "Create a new Menu".
So just select menu tou want to edit and Press "Select"

3. Now i want to create submenu items under main menu item named "Product". to do this just click on type of menu item you want in left side options and select the specific item and click on "Add to Menu".

for example Here, I will choose a Page type Item And in that page named "Products" Which we have already created. see in the image.

4. This item will be added to menu in right hand section.\
Now same way add pages or posts you want, Which we gonna use as submenu items.
You can rearrange positions of these menu items by just left Clicking on them and drag and drop them to position you want.
For example as stated above i will add four pages to this menu (names already discussed above)

5. Now we will create dropdown menu or submenu items
This is very easy just click on item which you want to put as submenu and drag and drop it to right hand side just below main menu item.
Do this for all Sub menu items.
By further drag and dropping to right you can create sub-submenu also.

If you are using post then you can change its name which should display on site in menu by clicking on that post in menu and changing its name under "navigation label"

6. When you have finished, don't forger to click on "Save Menu" at bottom.

This will looks as shown below on website:

In this way you can easily create submenu in wordpress. or Dropdown menu in wordpress or Hierarchical menu items in Wordpress.

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