How to Do Forum submission in SEO off Page Submission| Techniques

What is Forum Posting?

Forums posting is an attention-grabbing Off-Page SEO technique that just not helps you to increase web traffic it also increases your website back-links. Discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, message boards, bulletin boards etc., on the whole, comprise as forums. These forum postings create a perfect platform to communicate with others in the similar field and easily get guidance from experts on these forums. In addition its increase your awareness in the developing market.

What are the rules for posting on an online forum? There are no such clear rules, but just look at some of the guidelines that you may find it useful:

·       If it’s your first time make sure to read the forums instructions and guidelines before posting.
·       Go through the others posts to see if your topic has been already covered by someone else.
·       Use a perfect title for your story line.

·       Don’t promote your product, service or business using a forum.
·       Be well-mannered. No personal differences should be shown through posts that are displayed to everyone.
·       Stick to the topic.

·       Avoid spammers; respond to them personally through email or IM.
·       Try not to submit a post that will require a reader to download a large attachment. If required explain the attachment or just provide a link to the information.
·       Keep your post clear and understandable, use correct spelling and grammar. Try avoiding slang, expecting you know the phrase or word that will be understood/ accepted by other members.

·       Do not post the same message twice or place the same message across different forums.
·       Your attitude should be a give and take manner; help others more often than you ask for help.
·       Do not SHOUT or use all caps in your posts. Use just one exclamation point.

·       Do not interrupt a topic of discussion by posting new problems on someone else's story line.
·       Avoid using a large and annoying signature; a simple signature would be fine if used large ones it would be removed anyway.
·       Posts should not contain any kind of personal or identifiable information and content embarrassing to others.

·       Do not publish contents that can violate a copyright.
·       Do not use words such as just lol or cool. 
·       Avoid using words such as important and urgent on your subject line, you need to wait with patience.

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