How to earn with blogger blog through adsense Hosted (Complete guide)

Hey friends, Do you have a free blog on blogger, Or wanted to have one. And do you need help regarding how blogspot blog can give you extra cash. Then this article for you, I will show you "how to create  adsense account for your blogger blog" but before that we will discuss some important things.
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What is adsense? 
Adsense is the worlds leading online Advertising company owns by google. In fact the main source of Google's income is Google Adsense.

How can we make money with adsense?
When you signup for Adsense, First of all Adsense see if your site meets the criteria for putting ads on your website. If you got approval then Adsense will put relevant ads related to your topic on your website or blog. When people visits your site, They look these ads also many times clicks on it. When this happens Adsense pays you for that.

Requirements before you apply for Adsense:
before going to apply for google Adsense to put ads on your blogspot blog, you need to consider the following points seriously. Adsense approves your request if you complete following requirements:

1. Your age should be above 18 - yes on their website they noted that applicant should be +18.
2. Your site should at least 6 months old (Not necessarily but recommended).
3. You can only add adsense to the site you own ( that is obvious ).
4. your site should comply with Adsense program policies - To read in detail about program policies click on this link Adsense Program Policies.

Tips to get quick Adsense Approval:

1. Don't hurry to get approval, write at least 15 posts.
2. Put pages on your site such as- About, Contact us. You can also add Privacy policy and T&C page if required.
3. Make sure your site is clean and does not contains any unwanted stuff. In short ads can be easily putted on your site.
4. Don't use copied content on your site.
5. Don't put images that are downloaded from google.
6. don't use illegal methods to gain traffic such as paid to click ads or asking your friends to visit your site make some extra clicks.
7. You need to put information about using cookies in Privacy policy page before going to apply for adsense.

Now i will show you step by step how to apply for google Adsense:

1. In your blogger dashboard go to > Earnings you will see the option "Sign up for Adsense" just click on that. This will take you to the signup page.
 2. It will ask you to select gmail account for which you want to set up adsense account. just select the account ( if you have multiple gmail accounts ).

3. On sign up page you will see your website name and then you have to select:
  •  your country
  • accept terms and conditions
and click on "Create Account" button.
4. On next window you have to fill payment address details:
  • account type - if you are individual keep it as it is.
  • enter your name( if want to change it)
  • fill up your address
    and click on "submit"
5. A message will appear saying "Redirecting to your host" just wait for few seconds. A new window of your blogger blog will appear with "Congratulations" message saying adsense widget has been added to your blog template.
click on "Continue" button.

 6. Now you will be redirected to your blog where you will see a message " your adsense account is awaiting approval". now you have to wait until adsense approve your account.

Before that you have to select where tou want to put ads in your blog. Select any appropriate one and click on "Save Settings" at upper right corner.

Now you have finished with setting up Adsense account for blogger blog.
Now you have to wait until adsense approves your account. If everythings is according to Adsense policy then it takes less then a week to get your account approved and you got a congratulations mail from adsense in your gmail inbox (check in promotions section of gmail).

Once your account is approved then to show ads on your blog you have to do following step

7. To place ads in your blog. From your blogger's dashboard Go to > Layout
In the Layout section you have to add Adsense Gadget in the sections of your blog where you want to place ads.

You can normally add the Adsense Gadgets at following places:
  1. At top or Header of the blog
  2. In Sidebar of your blog
  3. In footer of the blog
  4. sometimes in middle of blog. 
  5. it depends on the theme or template you are using
for example i want that ads should be displayed in Footer section of my blog only then i will add Adsense gadget in Footer section as shown in image:

a popup will appear then add adsense gadget from it.

8. When Gadget is added click on "Save Arrangements" at upper right corner. Now view your blog, refresh it and you can see ads now displaying in your footer section.
If ads are not displaying on your blog, just wait for few hours. Sometimes it takes time to initiate the process.

It may happen that adsense reject your account (This happens with many bloggers). But don't worry, work on the faults and do some major changes to your blog including writing new posts. Once you update your blog then you can again repeat the above process for signup.

Hope this article was helpful to you, Share your views with me.
for any query comment below or contact us.

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