How to Edit Menu Items in Custom Blogger Theme.

So you have installed the custom template for your blogger blog but you can see that the menu items assigned the custom links of the developers website. And we want to Edit that Menu as per our Requirements. Editing Menu in custom blogger theme or template is not a big task.

By Editing Menu items we Refers to:
1. How to change the Names of custom Menu item
2. Assign a Address so that when it is clicked will show the page you want it to show.
3.  How to Edit sub Menu or Drop down menu items in custom blogger template

 I will show you one by one how to do this.

Step by step Guide:

1. open your blogger dashboard and the blog you want to edit.

2. Go To > Theme > Edit HTML.

3. Left click inside the HTML code of your blog and press CTRL+F on your Keyboard. This will open search Window.

In my case i will show you how to edit menu items as shown in image i.e. main menu item- FEATURES  and sub menu item- SHORTCODES. here Shortcode item is linked with external link.

The link to which SHORTCODES submenu item linked is given in image that you can see in the code later.

4. Now enter the exact menu name which you want to edit. for example you want to edit menu item named as "FEATURES" shown on your blog. so type "FEATURES" in search box and hit Enter.
This will show you where this word actually placed in the code in Highlighted Form.

5. Now to Change the menu item name in blogger template just replace This with menu item name you want. we will change this to " Example".
and We will change sum menu item "SHORTCODES" as "Submenu Example"

Now you need to remove link of that item and make it to follow your link. for this,

6. See which link is associated with that item by clicking on it. (By clicking on "Download this Template").

7. Now search same link in the code. It will nearby the menu item name you just changed. Once you found it just replace this link with the link of page or post in your blog.

To view Link of your page or post go to pages or posts and if you place the cursor on page or post title it will show options below. just click on "View", this will show that post or page in new window where you can copy its url.

 After changing items and link and saving it. The above image it will looks like

Do the same for all, same for sub-menu items.
Just kept in mind you have to replace exact word or url and nothing else, not even under slash '_' if it is there in the code.

8. Once you have done with all menu items click on Save button to save your HTML code.

Take a look at Edited menu item.

In this way you can Easily edit menu in the custom blogger template or theme

for any query comment below or contact us.

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