How To Get Top Position on Google Search Engine, Tips and Tricks

What are the features which keep your page on the upper side of Search Result Pages? SEO Tips and Tricks.

Whenever we talk about search engine optimization (SEO), a single thing that passes in our mind is Search engine ranking.  Search engine like Google; often stay alert to hunt those web pages that share best content to feature them at the upper side of their search result pages (SERPs).  One of the most important factors that the search engine looks at site to list them in the first page is the number of links from third party sites that “point” to that page.

Two separate websites that partake in similar subject online, both offices are easily introduced and are occupied with useful info. Among the two sites, one of them would throw more than hundred natural links “dotting” from outside sites, whereas the other only may have entirely one or two. In this instance, whom would the search engine select?

The search engine would take a breather along a spot that has dozens of ties, as it would seem lots of people like it, to link it to their website. Links that “dot/ leads” people to another site, such sites are called do follow links.  These ties that you see on the page aren’t just helping you, but also helping self by increasing their Page Rank and get noticed by the hunt engines.  Natural do “follow links” a website/page can take your page higher, to the top list of Google
“No follow links” is an HTML used to instruct the search engine bots. It instructs the bots to avoid the influence of hyperlink that targets ranking in the search engine’s index. It is projected to decrease the force per unit area of effective search engine spam, by ameliorating the quality of search engine results. The added character of no follow link is, these HTML's help the search engines to select the sites carefully by preventing spamdexing from occurring in the foremost position.

What Is the Difference between No Follow & Do follow links?

The features of No follow links stops search engine bots to follow connections that is spam. If the website owner with the intention to earn the attention of search engine bots tries to link back to you with no follow attribute, then the HTML of No follow links will not pass on link attributes easily. Google a year back made it clear that they don’t consider any No follow link attributes, but influence of such links are reduced as and when the day passed by. Later they considered that, it’s a good practice to use No follow link attribute to those links, where you don’t want to pass link-juice, but dint use it much.

“Do follow links” allow all search engines to adopt them and progress to your site with the help of backlinks. In case of Do follow links, If a webmaster is trying to connect with your site by using Do follow links, then the features can help you relate with both Search Engine and Humans. Humans can follow you. The best manner to use do follow link is to allow keyword in the anchor text. Lately Google has stated that they will still weigh the no follow link as an outgoing link in terms of the distribution of page rank of your page. Because, placing a no follow link at the underside of the page had less impact, and carried close to attention when it was located at the height of the page.

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