SEO Press Release Submission, How to Write and Guidelines to Submit

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a Crisp and complete description of an upcoming event; announcement of some important person or procedural changes of an organization or important modifications to their procedures and policies; or other feature tips or news.

Guidelines for Submitting a Press Release

Keep the releases short, Use crisp and clear language for the description of an upcoming event or news on a recent event, maybe like a book publication or High-profile conference.

Double-space all content, Provide clear information on the first two paragraphs, to who you are referring, for what, why, where, and when.

All press releases must be written in between 300 to 800 words in length. Even the news summary that is included with the release must not be longer than two sentences. While writing a press release think like an audience, think what information you would want to know from the release.

Do not mention any email addresses in the body of the release. If required to mention, use this formatting for email address: name (at) service (dot) com.

No HTML line breaks, tags, tables, or any other non-traditional characters in the press release. While using capitalization follow standard grammar etiquette. Do not capitalize complete words/sentences to emphasis, it is strongly discouraged.

Make sure all the links are active and they should contain standard extensions (jpeg, MPEG, png, pdf, doc*, xl*, gif, tiff, BMP, ps, rtf, mp3, ppt, and mov only).

The press release can have only 1 link for every 100 words. For example, a 600-word press release must have fewer than 6 links in the body.

Add in a date for the release, clearly, specify if the release is meant for immediate publication or may be released at a later time. If it is going to be a future release, then state the date when it will be officially distributed.

If your press release is going to be longer than a single page, add the word "more" at the bottom of every proceeding page. Finally, make sure to add in the word “end” at the bottom of the final page. Additionally, include the release subject and your name on every page.

Lastly, maintain newsworthiness, do not use direct callouts, Like “I” or “you” that will address the reader in a personal manner. Be sure to submit only fact-checked and completely accurate information.

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