Steps for Article Submission in SEO and Their Guidelines

There as always been few questions recently about submission guidelines.
To summarize, I have just listed a few of the basics:

1. Structure your article as a standard column. It must have 600 to 1200 words.

2. The article should be submitted as a MSWord document, along with your name on the Word doc, with your suggested title.

3. The subject of thought should be timeous and interesting. That means it's attention-grabbing to a broad group of readers, getting more people to read your content including those who are not hard-core dedicated free marketers and never enjoy reading. This definitely doesn't mean you have to be moderate or timid. Still, your column has to be carefully crafted on each phrase that’s understandable, conceivable, and (hopefully) plausible to people who aren't already in contact with you.

4. You don’t have to be famous or familiar to be a contributor, yet you must have a lot of knowledge about the subject you’re writing about.

5. Your overall article ought to be rich in examples and realistic material. Giving an opinion is certainly not enough. Your views should be based on facts and sound analysis.

6. Your article must be clear & simple to read and not filled using plenty of long, complex sentences with big words.

7. If the article becomes lengthy and gets out-of-focus, you can always break it up into two or three articles. The contractor will be happy to publish more than one article if each one builds the grade.

8 Most of the contributors don’t look for any "certification" requirement for authors. i.e., you don't need a degree on the subject or be famous, or anything like that to be published, all that’s required is just write a good article.

9. The best way to get a sense is when you’re writing about a well-worn-out topic, then they’ll be peeking for a unique argument or insight.

10. Knowing your subject deeply is not enough you have got to prove it to the reader. Glancing in with supporting research is one great way to do this; expressing with relevant examples is another.

Research Articles
Research Articles must have original findings.
Method Articles
Method Articles define a new experimental or computational method, test or practice and must have been well tested.
Reviews must give a certified and comprehensive overview of the recent discoveries in a specific field.

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