Tips To Choose a Right Web Hosting Service and Importance

How To Choose Best Web Hosting Service

A right web hosting service can help the client achieve quality rate of interest. It is very important to select a right web hosting company to set up a strong online presence. Web hosting is the service that makes way for your website get accessible to millions of people in the world via the World Wide Web. Giving your website to a poor hosting company can face you a big loss and choosing the right web hosting to host your website service can help you gain invaluable profit.  There are thousands of these companies out there who offer guaranteed uptime, good services etc, but selecting the best is a tough job. These questions below will help you select the one that meets your needs.

1) Is domain registration included or do I have to pay extra?

In today’s competitive world, everyone rushes to gather attention of an audience within a day or a sec and the services are so good that they earn enough attention (traffic) with in a day. So, the web hosting services divided self in to different types like Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Collocated Hosting.   It is assumed by many business clients that in today’s competitive world, many best web hosts offer free domain names (the .com), only when they sign a long-term contract with the hosting company. The competition in the market has just let the web hosting company reduce the fee but not the contract period. The fee that you pay to the hosting company is the annual fee to own your domain name. The domain that you own is yours, as long as you keep paying the yearly fee for it. In this sense, the web hosting company owns the "ownership" of the name, and you are a just a person who owns it for a time limit (as long as you pay the "rent").

2) How many websites can I host?
In today’s digital world, many business clients maintain more than three websites that can be informational sites or small scale business wondering how? Even you can own multiple domain for whatever reason you want, but it all depends on what kind of hosting account do you hold. There are many hosting accounts that offer different features like the economy account – host only one website at a time that support most of the programming language. Deluxe, Premium, Unlimited, and Ultimate account – helps you host multiple website at a time that support advanced programming language. You can either host multiple websites or connect the account to your primary domain name and maintain sub domains from the same.

Importance to Choose Right Web Services

3) What is the percentage of guaranteed uptime?

Many web host service company spends ample time looking at other hosting services and their offers to the clients.  Hosting companies, carry an anthem of “uptime guarantees", but the truth is none of the web hosting company carries 100% uptime in the long run. Only till the initial pack they might have 100% uptime for a month or two. But later the percentage of guarantee uptime might DOUBLE the downtime of 99.9%.  When a web host experiences downtime, your websites will be inaccessible and on the other hand your company will face loss.

4) Does the company offer a money-back guarantee?

You would rarely witness people rushing to any (respectable) web hosting companies and complain them about poor service or slow web servers because every web hosting companies are in the struggle to build their brand name and save people trust. But to be in safer hand in order to prevent self from signing a year-long contract with a company, use the thirty days contract. By considering the offers of a 30-day money back guarantee, you can judge the services provided by the hosting company.

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