What is Blog Commenting in SEO and How to Do Blog Commenting for Traffic

Blog commenting are an awesome and a useful link building technique. Blog comments are not just a great place to get a link back to your site, it is the first step in developing a blogger exceed program. Blog commenting not just helps in building the reputation and name recognition of your industry, it builds a relationship with the blogger while you begin commenting on industry blogs, which can be eventually influenced into guest posts or blog post reviews of the company.
Blog commenting is of course not difficult, but we definitely have a right and a wrong way to do it. Check out for these 5 best practice tips, if you want your blog comments to go live.

1. Use Your Real Name
Trying using your real name as often as possible, while you use your real name the trust of the blogger goes a long way and it also shows that you aren’t trying to leave a spam or self-promoting the comment.
2. Start communicating with the other commenter’s
Blogs are normally social in nature that means as you can interact with the blogger you can as well interact with the other commenters. At times if you have noticed in the comment section, the conversation here becomes more interesting than the blog post itself. Make sure your comments are relevant to the topic and to the original postings.
3. Contribute To the Conversation
Headstart the conversation! When there is a comment that you disagree with it, just shout your opinion! And explain why you think the blogger is wrong (be civil). Don’t be a lifeless blog commenter and just accept what has already been told. Do not post any comments that contain any foul language, invitation or hatred speech.

4. No Dropping Link
You cannot drop a link in the comment section, specifically not from one of your web pages. We should remember that a blog comment is not our personal Ad display place.Any kind of spamming will not be tolerated which includes link dropping also.
5. Acknowledge the comments
When you build your blog community, you should make sure to respond to every blog comment. This shows people that you respect your community and are also paying attention. While you respond to their comments it will make them feel good, of course, it’s going to make a huge difference to your online community, it also reflects your attitude.

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