What is PDF Submission in SEO, Top PDF Sites and Importance

PDF Word submission is the most popular content marketing techniques for backlinks and one of the important off page SEO technique in 2017 that helps improvement in SERP. PDF submission provides maximum visibility to one’s website and also works great in getting links. You can find many popular websites to submit your article in PDF form and get links within the time.

PDF formation in SEO:

·       The PDF should be created in text format you can convert all scanned PDFs into text using OCR.

·       Do not use Photoshop; it will create an image file, as search engines cannot read image files.

·       Write your article in MS word by using heading tags; create your title and the article using keywords later convert this file into PDF file or you can just do save as.

·       Give Hyperlinks for your keywords.

·       When you place an image give alt tag.

·       Upload this to your website or any PDF sharing sites.

·       Provide a meaningful title for your PDF.

·       Separate the words in the PDF filenames with dashes. Do not use spaces or underbars.

·       Create Return link this is to get your optimized keywords and attract more traffic.

·       Search engines read the PDF the way it reads HTML. Design a PDF brochure for the website to promote it.

The importance of creating a PDF submission is:

·       It Generates traffic as millions of users visit these sites for information and therefore your website content comes helpful and you get many visitors to your site.

·       By choosing PDF Submission Service for your website you get a variety of high quality and link diversity to your site since most of the websites are linked to social media sites, blogs, directories article etc.

·       Most often PDF Submission sites get indexed very fast, by this even the documents get indexed quicker and now your website ranking will obviously improve with good Page Rank.

·       You can see more organic traffic from search engines along with the help of improved SERP. 
Once you have followed all these tips, now you can upload your file to PDF sharing sites.

Here is a list of some famous PDF sharing sites:

I have uploaded my PDF files on these websites, and Googled after an hour and found my PDF file on slide share, doxtop and Scribd, and also found many visitors for my sharing.PDF files are used in Search engine for high ranking.SEO benefits much by sharing PDF. 

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