What is Search Engine Submission in SEO, Tips and importance

One of the important factors that will help you make your business succeed online is Search Engine Submission. Before getting into the process of submitting the website to all the major search engines, you must make sure to optimize your web pages and check your site completely. If you are interested in knowing more about this, continue reading our article.

11 Tips that will guide you for a Better Search Engine Submission

·   The first tip for submission is to do your homework before submitting your websites to the search engines.Make sure that you have the correctly identified keywords that will convert it to targeted, high volume traffic. Without the proper keyword research, the other ten tips won’t give the result that you ask for.

·   The second most important step is applying keywords in your title tag, Meta description tag, Meta keyword tag, and in your body tag.

·    Try using important keywords into your body tag and make sure that all the pages in your website have the relevant targeted keywords.

·      The keywords used in your Meta tags (specifically in the heading and the first paragraph) must be repeated in your content.

·      Search engines consider the popularity of a site shown by incoming links. So get other sites to link to your site.

·      Manually submit your website to the search engines. Avoid using automated submission software.

·      Avoid submitting your website to the same search engine more than once per day this will increases the chances of being penalized for spamming.

·       Make sure to submit your website only to those search engines which are relevant to your business or website, submitting to the irrespective type of your business will attract unnecessary spam to your website.

·      Make your site interesting which will encourage visitors to spend time on your site. There are few search engines that will give your site a ratings boost based upon the time spent by the visitors on your site.

·     Don’t ever change the path of your web pages once you have submitted your website avoid renaming a file or changing the file extension. This will hurt your promotion efforts and appear as a dead link in the search results page.

·   There are no overnight miracles! It will definitely take 2 weeks to 5 months to get indexed in the directories and big search engines. Have patience, keep checking every week, and continue adding quality content to your site. This will make you a true winner.

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