What is Social Bookmarking in SEO Importance and Benefits

Social Bookmarking Tips and Guidelines

The most popular way to increase traffic is Social Bookmarking; this is one of the best and easiest ways to attract targeted traffic to your website. By adding your site to the link there and briefing it will promote your website. Even though there are many social bookmarking sites available online, you need be clever and creative in promoting your website. All that you need to do is follow few steps.

Using keywords is the best way to categorize information and making it easily accessible to everyone. Make sure to use the correct tags, tags are the targeted keywords, if you want to get the most out of your social bookmarking. By doing this both the search engines and the user will be able to find your links.

·       In Contents avoid similarity, boredom or repetitiousness to the social bookmarking sites. You can get maximum exposure by setting up images videos, audio files, and written content. The more interesting and different you display on your site, the more is your benefit.

·       Creating a headline with a correct title is very important. Be smart and creative in deciding your headlines. Many times even an interesting content go unnoticed by the users, this happens mainly when you do not give an appropriate title.

·       One of the best ways to increase links to your site and build page ranking is signing up for many social bookmarking accounts as possible.

·       Try to Manage and organize your bookmarks. You should remember that this bookmarking is actually a great chance to get along with like-minded men and women, friendly internet sites and possible partners. Integrating your site with social bookmarking community will give you the complete advantage of social bookmarking benefits.

·       There are some social media and social bookmarking websites like Digg and Facebook that immediately fetch the contents of the title tag when the user submits a URL.

·       Avoid using special characters, search engines will tend to ignore special characters. For example, Google will overlook punctuation symbols and other special characters

·       Try not to use many commas, using too many may cause search engines to penalize you, considering it as keyword stuffing. So it is advisable to separate your keywords by using the underscore (_) hyphen (-), or pipe (|) symbols.

·       Using numbers is clearly a usability tip. Users do not typically search for the “40 gloriously flower designs with creativeness” but they would rather click on it in a SERP rather than a title that reads “gloriously flower designs with creativeness”.

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