Best Blogspot SEO tips for bloggers

As a blogger, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog is very important task. SEO increase your blog traffic and helps to rank high in search results of popular search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
For a new blogspot blogger, a common question arises, How to do SEO for blogger blog?
Once you setup your blogger blog, there are some simple SEO tips which should be done to increase blog traffic. In this article I will tell you about Basic and Advance SEO tips for blogger and also show you step by step, how to so that.

SEO of your Blogger blog

1. Write Description of your blog:
It is essential to write description of your blog. This will help people and search engines to know more about your blog. To add Description of your blog, follow the steps:
Go to Setting > Basic Setting > Description
In the description, write a meaningful sentence which will include all keywords that tell about your blog.

2. Enable Search description:
 what is search Description?
when you search something on google, in search result you can see website names and below website name there is description. By default when your blog is searched on google the description of your blog is content of your latest post. But when you enable search description a custom description will be shown in search result.

How to enable it:
1. first I will show you description of my blog on google (when search description is not enabled):

2. Now to enable search description Go to > Settings > Search Preferences > Meta tags > Edit and click on yes to enable description. Write description of your blog you want to display and click on "save changes".

3. This will not take effect as soon as you save it. You can see the results when google crawl your site next time.

3. Enable custom header tags:

What are header tags?
header tags are important part of your content that tells about your content or blog. for example in google search result, any specific result contains three important parts
  1. Post title that appear at top
  2. Post link that appear just below post title
  3. Post description which appear just below post link
You can refer second image in this article for detail.
Now when we Enable these tags, It becomes easy for search engines to know more about our pages and posts and they can be rank high in search results.

How to enable Header tags in blogger?
1. Go to > Settings > Search Preferences >  Crawlers and indexing > Custom robots header tags.
Click on edit then on "Yes" to enable custom header tags.

Now you will see a list below and we have to tick mark the best options.
I will tell you which options to be marked and why.
  1. In "Homepage"- mark on All and noodp options.
  2. In "Archive and Search pages:" - mark on noindex and noodp options.
  3. In "Default for Posts and Pages:"-  mark on All and noodp options.
You can image below for clear idea:
don't forget to save changes.

The meaning of each term we selected above is as follows:

all: There are no restrictions for indexing or serving. Note: this directive is the default value and has no effect if explicitly listed.

noindex: Do not show this page in search results and do not show a "Cached" link in search results.

nofollow: Do not follow the links on this page

none: Equivalent to noindex, nofollow

noarchive: Do not show a "Cached" link in search results.

nosnippet: Do not show a text snippet or video preview in the search results for this page. A static
thumbnail (if available) will still be visible.

notranslate: Do not offer translation of this page in search results.

noimageindex: Do not index images on this page.

unavailable_after: [RFC-850 date/time]     Do not show this page in search results after the specified date/time. The date/time must be specified in the RFC 850 format.

Why we select specific options from above?

1. In Homepage we select:
All- because we want search engine to crawl complete blog and homepage without restrictions.

noodp- noodp stands for "No Open Directory project" we select this because we restricting search engines to take data for indexing from online Directories., and we want that for indexing data should collected from our fresh content.
Online directories websites which crawl every possible website on internet for specific purpose such as ranking the websites or other such tasks.

2. In Archive and Search pages we select:
noindex- because this will crawl archives section of blog. As all our posts are contains under archive tag so search engines will crawl content under archives (which is blog posts and pages) and also blog posts and pages seperately. So this may treated as duplicate content and will affect our indexing on search result.

noodp- as describe earlier.

3. In Default for Posts and Pages we select:
All- so that all our posts and pages will be crawled and indexed.
noodp- As describe earlier.

 As you enable custom header tags in blog, Now you can also add custom description to your blog posts and pages which will be displayed in search results.

How to enable Search description for posts and pages in blogger:
1. Go to editor of any post or page
2. in right hand menu, now "Search Description" is enabled. you can add custom description to your post.
3. Also you can set custom tag for particular post or pages in option "custom robot tags" in editor.

These are the omportant seo tips for blogspt blog. Hope this will be helpful for you.
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