Difference Between Online and Offline Marketing

First thing you need to understand and have knowledge about difference between these two promotional strategies. There are quite a few differences between online and offline marketing. Many companies work on both marketing strategy to create brand awareness and reach till audiences. Here let us find out few differences between online and offline marketing. Today all Digital Marketing Companies follow with online marketing techniques to get high traffic for business.

Online Marketing:  Online marketing is the process to catch the attention of potential customers for business through particular banner, articles, video, images, flash animation etc. Marketing activities or information are planned as an elegant tempt to the visitors in which particular website of business wants to attract. This information is particularly placed on main page or front page of website to reach till key audiences. It has many ways to be done possible to get traffic for business through online marketing principles.

Online marketing Media includes:

·        Website/Blog
·        Social Media
·        Email Marketing
·        Search Engine Marketing
·        Content marketing
·        Video Blogging
·        Online classifieds

Offline Marketing: Offline marketing is the process to create brand awareness and reach till target customer to satisfy their needs and want. In many occurrences, individual adopt marketing mix strategy for their business promotion. The entire plan behind offline promotion is to obtain leads, when there is no website for your business. There are many forms of offline marketing strategies such as through print media as well as non print media.

 Offline marketing Media includes:

·        Television
·        Radio
·        Brochure
·        Flyers
·        Banners
·        News papers
·        Pamphlets
·        Posters


Online cost:
·        Web Development
·        Hosting
·        SEO

Number of prospect: It is the trend of digital marketing as you find many individuals present online. By thinking worldwide you need to work.
Targeted: Worldwide

Offline cost:
·        Media
·        Ads development
·        Space
·        Human resources

Number of prospect: Only those people who prefer reading newspapers, watching television, hearing radio.

Targeted: Within a specific area.

Conclusion: Are you working to ensure for effective and all round targeted results then you need to work with both the marketing techniques such as online and offline marketing in order to achieve success for business by ensuring both components of marketing techniques it will response as higher ratio of profit then the loss for business. Just need to concentrate on creativity and time which works as efficient role for your products and services which you want to provide for customers.

Blog Credit: Abdul Khadar

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