Fix Your SEO Problems With These Google Penalty Checker Tools

It’s a terrible feeling, is it not?

Eventually, you shut your laptop safe within the understanding that your internet site is getting healthy levels of search traffic.

Then, the following morning, you discover your website continues to be hit having a Google Penalty.

That which was when a solid stream of targeted visitors is now simply a trickle of slightly interested people.

However, you may come away from this.

The initial step would be to know which Google Penalty has stung you and also why you have been penalized.

Google Penalty Checker Tools

The 2nd step would be to understand how to monitor for future formula changes to make certain it doesn’t take place again.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to express seven Google penalty checker tools that will help you to see which update would be to blame, and the best way to future-proof yourself against future penalties.

What You Will Learn

  • How you can identify which penalty you've
  • How you can safeguard yourself against future penalties
  • 6Google penalty checker tools which make existence easy
  • How to recover from a Google penalty
  • The very best Google penalty recovery services

Identify The Penalty Before You Make Any Changes

Lots of Webmasters start attempting to change areas of their website before they’ve discovered what’s caused the issue.

Besides this being a dumb move, it may also continue to make problems worse over time.

Rather of creating a psychological decision you need to move back, analyze the issue, and make a rehabilitation strategy that’s going to get results for your site.

Just stabbing at nighttime and seeking to repair something blindly isn’t getting you anywhere.

Precisely diagnosing which penalty reaches play is important to recovering your website, and it is possible in under 5 minutes using among the tools on this list.

6 Google Penalty Checker Tools That Make Life Easy

Their list isn’t rated in almost any order from better to worst, yet it's a bit split.

Tools number 1-4 will help you to begin to see the penalty that hit your website.

And tools number 5 to 6 can help you keep close track of Google activity and safeguard your website against possibly approaching Google updates.

#1 – Moz Change History

Moz maintains a very helpful page that lists all the major updates, the date they happened and extra details about the update.

You may also make use of this page to obtain further studying that will help you know how this issue might affect your website, or what is coming later on.

This site is updated soon after a significant change is reported therefore if you’ve seen a large drop-off in your results, there’s a strong possibility that it’s been featured here.

Should you ever suspect you have been hit having a Google Penalty, I’d suggest starting with it.

#2 – Penguin Google Penalty Check Tool

The Penguin Tool from Barracuda has existed for any lengthy time. It’s simple, simple to use and offers lots of quick information for you personally.

All you need to do is register together with your Google Analytics accounts and you can instantly visit a map of the traffic and also the exact moment a Google Update went live:

The vertical lines around the graph represent the various major formula updates to inform you the outcome they might have experienced in your traffic.

Should you click the lines it’ll provide you with a description of the update, why it happened and just what it might mean for the site.

Things I like here is it includes this little dashboard of icons:

This enables you to definitely switch off and on all the various possible causes for the stop by traffic and find out through many of the more confusing data.

For me, the Penguin Tool is the Greatest Google penalty checker in the world.

#3 – Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger combines aspects of Moz’s Change History oral appliance their MozCast tool to create you all the details on a single screen.

It provides a much deeper degree of information for you personally about every individual update:

But it's also a bit more black and white-colored by what it views to become an essential change.

When the chart is incorporated into the eco-friendly range you’re okay, once it’s red you’re at risk, so when it’s blue you do not need to bother about anything more.

It simplifies the data just a little while providing you with a much deeper understanding of what could be happening.

A very awesome alternative.

#4 – Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker Tool

Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker is a touch known, but effective tool for pinpointing precisely what designed a difference to your website.

To use it you’ll need a forex account setup. But when you’re in you can acquire an insightful data. The very first data you will see is really a plot graph of updates how they’ve impacted your website:

However, it makes it’s own whenever you scroll underneath the fold and check out the written data.

Within the chart it will highlight every recent Google formula update, and calculate the probability that it'll have altered traffic to your website:

You’re even capable of seeing the alterations in traffic that could provide you with through different devices.

And, if you would like, discover more about each one of the alterations in further detail.

#5 – SEMRush Sensor

SEMRush Sensor is probably the most comprehensive tool on this whole list.

While Penguin continues to be perhaps the best, this is available in a detailed second.

Going for a little more ‘medical’ approach SEMRush demonstrate a fairly precise monitor of the items Google is doing a final couple of days:

But you may also consider the activity within individual niches too. That is a truly remarkable group of leads to give away free of charge.

Drilling lower into the tool further you can include your personal site for analysis.

Then SEMRush Sensor will appear on each page and the keyword you rank well for and spit back a lot of data regarding your personal SERP volatility-

There's a couple of other awesome features too which is something I’d recommend you keep close track of moving forward.

#7 – MozCast

If you like your computer data sent to you inside a more bite sized chunk, a great option to Accuranker is MozCast

MozCast displays the present condition of Google’s activity just like a weather forecast, showing a regular environment-

When the forecast gets warmer and stormier you may be heading towards a formula update. And when it’s awesome and obvious skies, rankings is going to be remaining where they're.

It's not necessarily exactly the same degree of versatility you need to do using the Accurank tool, but it’s nice if you prefer morning rankings are accountable to see what’s happening on the general level.

What To Do Once You’ve Identified Your Penalty

After you have isolated the issue having a Google penalty checker tool, you can begin to analyze the reason for the problem.

Keep in mind that correlation of the search traffic shedding by having a formula update doesn’t always mean it's the update to blame, for instance, your website might have been hacked and hosting adware and spyware.

Check Search Console for error messages or issues before other things.

If you stop by your traffic does correlate by having a formula change then which should point you in the right direction of the items to appear initially as a cause.

Usually, issues fall into two or three groups-

  1. Backlink Based – For those who have a backlink based penalty you will want to carry out a backlink audit.
  2. Content-Based – For those who have a content-based penalty, follow this guide or this guide to perform a content audit.
  3. OnSite Penalty – For those who have an on-site penalty that isn't brought on by content then make use of tools like  URLProfiler or Screaming Frog to analyze your site.
Many webmasters trigger within the wrong direction in the beginning, so make certain you make time to realize why the website dropped using the Google penalty checker tools when considering action.

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