How to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console

Google Search console also known as google webmaster tools is the online free service from google which lets you get all necessary data like visitors, analysis, page views, page values and much more which will help you create google friendly website.
You should connect your WordPress site with search console because google is the main source of traffic. So using data from google can help you to modify your site accordingly.
In this article I will show you How to add your WordPress site to Google search Console.

1. Sign In to Google Search console using your Gmail account. You will see a welcome screen asking to add property (property is nothing but your website URL).
So type URL full url of your site and click on "ADD PROPERTY" for example
2. Now Google will ask you to verify your Ownership on that site. There are two methods:
  1. recommended method and
  2. alternate methods
We will use alternate method because it is very easy to verify with that.
Click on Alternate Methods and choose "HTML Tag" Method.
You will see a piece of code below, just copy the same meta code. We have to paste this code in WordPress.

3. Now login to your WordPress dashboard in new window of your browser. Now you have to install a new plugin called "Insert headers and footers" and activate it.

Now open this plugin by going to > Settings > Insert headers and footers. in left menu of your dashboard.

4.  Now paste the code we copied earlier in the Header section of the plugin setting and click on "SAVE" button.

5. Now again go to previous window of Google search Console. Click on "VERIFY" button below the alternate methods. (this will verify that you have pasted the code in your WordPress site and so site belongs to you).
Once your Ownership is verified you got Congratulation message on screen saying that "you have successfully verified your ownership of"

Now you have successfully added your WordPress site to google search console. Click on "Continue" button to proceed.

6. Now no data will be available for your site as you have added it just now. Data for your site will be available when google start crawling your site.
Now you can login to your Search Console any time you want. Use this statistics to improve your site traffic and ranking.

Hope this will be helpful for you. 
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