How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking| Ideas to Improve SEO Ranking

For a starter who has just entered the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a week back may have hundreds of questions running in his mind. One of the most important questions for which he would be searching answer for is, “How to increase your search engine ranking? “. Incoming links play a major role when it comes to high ranking in the search engines.

The more external links that point to your site from other websites is considered to be the best site according to any search engine. Links are the gateway for a better ranking. Incoming link is measured as a ballot count for your ranking by search engines. The higher a site ranks, the more the vote is worth. It's also very important to highlight yourself among those that sells similar theme as yours and are pretty popular in the market.  For instance, if your site is put together in the order of photography software then to gain visitors or traffic you have to stick your link on a third party site, that deal with photography blogs, online camera store or an online photography class.

How exactly would you do that? There is an uncomplicated and free technique that you can worth using, to draw dozens of incoming links to your site.  One of the most interesting techniques to increase your linking strategy of the self is reciprocal link.  Type in the following phrase "duck" "add url" with quotation marks on your search engine and Hit the search button. For your surprise, the search engine would line number of sites that allow you to add your website link to their index. If you are a lucky person, among the site listed some of the third party sites may add your link without any problem, but some might require a reciprocal link. These, Reciprocal links helps you witness good ranking by placing you as an agency if you link to other quality.

How to Improve SEO? How to Increase Number of Visitors

Apply this technique of  "duck" "add url" with quotations to your own site as an experimental strategy, by replacing just the keyword "duck" with whatsoever keyword you want (connected to your content page) pertain to your niche market. Even more sites that allow your link submission with different combinations of keywords can be plant in between the maiden set of quotation marks. For instance -"kitchen" "add url" , "hotel" "add url" ,"fishing " "add url" ,"hockey equipment" "add url" ,"photography” " "add url", "wedding merchandise" "add url" ," make up " "add url" ,"golfing " "add url" , "fitness products" "add url"  and so on.  Try to expand your search by replacing "add url" in between the second set of quotation with other idiomatic expression like "add link" or "submit a url". Get creative and try every possible combination you can think of. For example "add website" ,"add your link" ,"add a link","add a site" ,"submit url" etc.

Sometimes these link directory sites will have another text link that you must click to find the submission form. Apart it’s fun to use the linking metrics , try it one time you will get to know more !!!

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