Types of SEO, White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques

In the competitive world of business, every popular and even startup companies are trying their best to improve their rank in various search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, AOL, Excite etc through search engine optimizer.  Some companies choose the quicker way to gain online traffic and there are some who invest time and money on a quality strategy to maintain long-term growth in the ranking.

SEO in general helps the company to create visibility of a webpage on a search engine, without paying a penny to the search engines. The various techniques of SEO can help the company to boost their website by getting them good ranking and better profit.  The different types of SEO techniques use various algorithms to help the company website to appear frequently on search results, by creating online trafficking.  To apply any type of SEO on the website the specialist should first understand the strength and weakness of a company. Once the SEO specialist make out the tenure of the business, then the SEO specialist can make use of any one of the best SEO techniques that serve the website better. For example – in case if you use the wrong techniques on a startup company, then you have to be aware that you won’t earn much profit. That is, if the business was a year old, with a earning of 4000 INR profit a month, with 300 visits a day. Wrong techniques, can boiled down to 250 visit a day with a profit of 3000 INR per month.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

The two most important type of SEO like White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO when used on a right way, can save the website from diminishing. How can techniques of different types of SEO save the company from drowning? White Hat SEO techniques  may take long time, and effort to get better result , but the result that you receive from this technique can gain long lasting profit and trafficking on company web page. White hate SEO tactics are often considered as authentic and organic online marketing strategies that bring relevant content to the consumers while searching content. The techniques used by white hat SEO are considered as one of the strongest content that doesn’t require monetary cost or time in order to be successful.Itmay be a slow process, but it slowly but surelyboosts the ranking of the website. The only disadvantage of white hat SEO is , it might not serve best in case of link building. But still this type of SEO service gain legal way of ranking than paid.

SEO Techniques To Improve Ranking

Black Hat SEO is a illegal form of SEO, that most of the search engines don’t prefer to. Choose.  The aggressive tactics of black hat SEO fools the search engine to gain better ranking. In short their techniques mainly focus on the development of ranking website but not their consumers. It does not follow any guidelines or rules of a search engine like content should focus on users but not search engines, don’t mislead users, etc. in today’s competitive world everyone are struggling for growth, many startup companies choose Black Hat SEO to gain quick fame and short time profit. The techniques like spam, paid link, hidden texts, Parasite Hosting etc can help the small scale business to earn quick profit but not long term.  Risks faced by using black hat SEO are risk of getting caught sooner, result can be black listed or penalized.

In short the white hat SEO techniques may bring the sale price up from 20 -30% in second year after use, with long term benefits. But, in case of black hate SEO the company might witness profit of 30% within 4 months but might face the threat of blacklisted sooner.

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